Early Magic

by Tom Hymn

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Blake McWatters
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Blake McWatters This is just a lovely album that makes me happy and think. Great work! :)
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released November 3, 2014

Recorded in 2014 at the Birdhouse in Grand Rapids, MI by John Hanson. Mixed by Double Phelix in Kzoo, MI. Mastered by Mike Nau. Art & design by Sam J. Snedeker.

Tom Hymn: guitars, voice, drums and percussion, harmonica
Hope Fiddler: piano
Samantha Cooper: voice and violin
John Hanson: banjo, vibes, voice, guitar
Jacob Bullard: bass, guitar, voice
Aaron Wildey: guitar, ebow, banjo
Adam Thompson: vibes
Zach Nichols: trumpet
claps and group vox: Marlee Grace, Johnny H, Z.G. Tomaszewski, Benjamin Jones Baker Jackson, J. Bullard, Johnny F. Pockets

year of the explosion music



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Tom Hymn Grand Rapids, Michigan

Slinky folk trance garage punk from la Época de Oro.


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Track Name: A Hymn for a Returning Planet
I think of money and what I've spent
Sit and think about the government
And the days how they keep passing me by
And what I'm doing with my life

I see the cardinal in the beard of the tree
Backyard, Christmas Eve
And the Holly Hocks how I remembered them not
When I cut em down below the knee

I'm waiting for a coast that's all too clear
Before I start accounting for all my years
Sit with the sea and let it swallow me whole
With the waves that rock and roll

But I keep hearing that it's all we can do
Awaken the spirits in these bodies built for two (plus one)
And I'll keep going till the fireworks are done
But tonight I can't hear past these sounds now
Tonight can't hear past these thoughts now
Tonight, dear soul, please come out

Saturn's returning to it's place in the sky
Where it was July 1985
And Jesus Christ waited till he was 30
So I'll take my time that's fine by me
Track Name: Motherland
I'm in to deep things, mysterious things
Like early magic coming up in the morning
Wet dew on the grass and it's soaking my sleeves
Living water on my tongue dripping down from the leaves

And there's a science, a secret science
That we were born with but we're facing some defiance
From a system of a system and we're black and blue
But there's a feeling we've been feeling and it's long overdue

And there's a sweetness, a honey sweetness
It's in the berries, in the bees, it's in the kisses
What we find not confined by fences of thought
Through picture puzzle pattern door there's no need to knock

In the water, the holy water
There's no more fluoride killing off all the consciousness
Wishing well, I wish you well, I wish you would stay
Cause my heart's been getting bigger everyday

I approve of myself and of my changing
I give in to the wind. I am a part of the wind
I approve of myself and this motherland I've been building
You know I'm building it
Track Name: Don't Wait on Witches
Step outside and feel the breeze
Let the muddy Earth wash your knees
The sun and moon are beggin you come round
I don't know where you're coming from
But it's clear to see you've come undone
But you can replant your roots in this town

Voices keep on talking
Some thoughts keep on walking
Through your mind like they own the place
I know it's hard not to listen
And sometimes you even give in
But soon they'll be gone without a trace

I can see the weight of these old negative beliefs
Have done you in. There's always time for new ones to being

On the streets of Sante Fe
You were lost but you knew the way
You bummed a square and called it a night
Now you're walking the barrio
Through the window's blasting a stereo
Singing, "let that light inside flicker bright"

And come from behind the cycles that keep spinning in your mind
Come to the floor. Open your eyes you ain't never seen this before

Waking up from whiskey dreams
With planes crashing in the seas
That feeling in your gut will still be there when you land
Fear of the truth that will set you free
Keep fighting that urge you have to flee
If you walk in the dark you can take my hand

It makes me weep to see you like that stuck on repeat
So strike a match. We'll let it burn and never look back

I'm coming home. I'm coming home. I'm coming home

This life I've been living all these times I've been giving in
Feels like I've been selling my soul
But it's taken me 27 years now to say 'hey fear, I don't need you anymore'

These thoughts I've been thinking more like I've been sinking
Feels like my favorite toy that's always broke
But I'm done waiting on witches and you burn all my riches
I'm a new child that's been born

All this griping and bitching, a crooked hand of religion
Well I can't blame you now
And I guess there's something to say about listening to that feeling in
Your gut, but is it always true?

It's reaping and sowing, and here's to hoping
I think I need to dig a little more
I'm coming home
Track Name: Our New Tuesdays
Scattered clothes, runny nose, a half cup of coffee
Fruit flies, hope they die, man someone should stop me
Summertime, sun is high, the heat sticks to everything
Soccer game was getting late and someone lost a diamond ring

But oh oh good things come and good things go
All the things that we think we know
And it's all just a magic show

First floor, eastern shores, down river, across the sea
Big ole bus, kids that fuss, they all call me family
New place, outer space, through the window the stars reflect
In the skies unidentified flying objects and extra dimensions


And sometimes I feel so normal, it makes me sad and lonely
A red veined prayer plant potted to bloom
I'll come back each year if you let me
I'll come on back if you want me to, I'll come on back if you want me to
And if you want you can come back too. I'll come on back

Book of herbs, Canadian burbs, ideas that spark a scene
Shared cares, city bars, everything is happening
We just have to join in and sing....

Track Name: Feel the Emergency pt. II
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the land my flesh to eat
If I should hope to fully live, all my beliefs I freely give
To the winds they all must go, the 4 corners and around the globe
Meet me back in the Midwest, you did your time I could do my best

To get back to what I was
Get back to what I'm always dreaming of
I can feel the emergency rising somewhere up inside of me
To get back to what I was

Is this an omen or is it just my thought, a belief I was told to question not
I think it's time to deconstruct all these things that have been cloggin us up
It's everything that I thought I knew, it's a prime example of a changing truth
A vision quest that we must do. An empty vessel to start anew


Motherbear's been digging holes
While MotherMan's been sewing clothes
It's the Hollywoods and the honey don'ts
I think you shoulds and I hope you won'ts
But open up those eyes to hear
And use those ears you have to feel
So many thing we're told are real like
Before a god you must kneel but
This life is beneath my feet
And it's rising up inside of me
The holy Ghost in every beat
Please free our minds so we can be...

Track Name: Hail to the Rain
Welcome backs, come back ins
Circle came round and begins again
Wash us clean, dear Queen of the Rain
All hail her majesty, let none refrain
From praising her, by filling up
All of our buckets with the drops of her blood
And what we don't need, just keeps flowing to the sea
And what we borrow, use to wash this old dirty dream

Our feet will sink in the soggy tracks
At the top of the hill teetering there and back on forever
The line that never ends
We'll be together, me myself my family my friends

Be strong be strong and let us strengthen one another
All hail the rain, our sisters and brothers
Be strong be strong and let us strengthen one another
All hail the sun, our fathers and mothers
Be strong be strong and let us strengthen one another
All praise to the saints, our sons and our daughters
Be strong be strong and let us strengthen one another
All hail the majesty oh the Great Mystery, grandfathers grandmothers